Stuck on High Sierra because of Nvidia?

Hi. I have been using High Sierra on my PC for quite a while now, but I have seen an article saying that High Sierra will reach its end by the end of the year. I have an Intel core i7 6700, 8GB RAM and a GTX 1060 6GB. Because of that nvidia card I have been stuck on High Sierra :( I tried installing Catalina and installing the nvidia drivers via a workaround I found on the internet, but that just fixes my resolution and not hardware acceleration. Also, because I knew I couldn't upgrade I didn't bother learning OpenCore and stuck with Clover. I know that if I would buy an HDMI cable (because right now I use DisplayPort) I could connect the monitor straight to the motherboard and use the integrated graphics, but I still boot every now and again in Windows to play some games, so it becomes annoying having to manually unplug and replug the display cable when I reboot in windows.

So, my question is: do you think will there be any problem if I stay on High Sierra for the next few years, or do you know of any method with which I could disable the nvidia graphics and use the integrated ones only in macos, while still having the monitor connected to the nvidia card? Also, would it help me if I would switch to OpenCore as my bootloader (to solve my problem, not just because of faster boot times)? Thanks.

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