Opencore dual boot (Catalina + win 10) fail

hi everyone,

I just successfully installed Catalina 10.15.6 w/ open core 0.6.1.

i had another SSD with pre installed win 10. the problem is if I plug in both mac SSD and win 10 SSD. I'm unable to see windows 10 SSD drive in the boot option list.

but when I logged in to mac os, I'm able to see Win 10 SSD in disk utility.

and if I unplugged mac os SSD, win 10 SSD will show in boot option list and I'm able to boot into Win 10.

please help me!

I don't want to keep unplugging drives when switching OS

my PC Spec as follow:

CPU: i7 6700

MOBO: Gigabyte H110M-DS2

Ram : 8 gb

VGA : XFX RX 470 4gb

Drives : SSD sandisk (Catalina) & SSD Samsung EVO (win 10)

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