My old RX 580 is out performing and benching an RX 5700xt

I’m hoping you can figure out what is going on here because I’m at a loss.

I upgraded my computer from: Cpu: i5-9600kf Ram: 32gb ram Mobo: gigabyte z390 gaming sli GPU: RX 580

To a: Cpu: i7 10700 Ram: 64gb Mobo: gigabyte vision G GPU: RX 5700xt (Red Devil)

I noticed that my new computer was lagging while editing on adobe premiere. I still have the old computer so I tried editing on there and it was smooth.

So I ran the metal test on Geekbench for both

RX 580 Geekbench

RX 5700xt Geekbench

As you can see the RX 580 is out benching the rx 5700xt a decent amount.

Both are running the latest version of Catalina

Troubleshooting I’ve tried: Checking hardware acceleration: Worked Running VDA decoder checker: Passed Changing to iMacpro1,1 smbios: same results

Anyone have any ideas?

Here is my EFI folder, if I misconfigured anything.

EFI Folder

Thank you in advance

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