Pre install freezing ApplePS2Controller

Pre install freezing ApplePS2Controller


Im trying to get Catalina running on my laptop with open core 0.6.1

Laptop spec:

Asus VivoBook X512F

CPU: Whiskey Lake Intel Core i7 @ 1.80GHz


Graphics: Intel UHD 620 + NVIDIA GeForce MX110 2GB

Built-in LCD: Full HD 1920x1080

I just want to add, my keyboard is PS2 and my trackpad is I2C.

When I try to run the installer it always gets stuck on:

"VoodooPS2 trackpad: Identify Touchpad command failed"


"ApplePS2controller: Notification consumer published: ApplePS2Keyboard"

My question is this, because my computer is "hybrid" uses I2C and PS2 do I need to make and special configurations?

These are the Kext i'm using to try and install.

My ACPI folder.

thanks for the help :)

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