I Broke my Hackintosh Trying to update to big sur HELP

Today i tried to update my macos install from catalina to big sur, I looked at the opencore guide for updating and the first step was updating opencore bootloader so i downloaded the latest one and i got the efi folder and replaced it with my current one, What i didn't realize was that i deleted all my existing kexts and stuff, i tought it was fine because i had a backup, i re-inserted all my old files from my backup, i tought everything was fine until i restarted and it got past the verbose part then it gave me a black screen, now my hackintosh is broken, I originally used a efi file from technoli but now the file is unavalible idk if i messed up opencore or my kexts, my pc is a Aorus b450m + rx 580 + 16gb ram thankfully i still have my dual booted windows install but i want my macos back pls help im desperate, Sorry for any spelling mistaked english is not my main language.

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