Unable to boot my Hackintosh bootable USB :(

Unable to boot my Hackintosh bootable USB :(

Three days in and no result...

The closest I've come was by experimenting with other people's EFI's. I managed to get through to the recovery stage at one particular point, but the ethernet wasn't working (even though the right kext was used).

I decided to go completely raw from the beginning using the guide found here. (AMD OSX VANILLA)

I've also read up quite a bit and watched YouTube tutorials to help with general knowledge etc. I tried following the guide as closely as possible, but unfortunately I just can't seem to get through to the recovery stage.

My Specs:

CPU: Ryzen 3950x

Mobo: Asus Prime X570 Pro

GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Nitro+

Ram: Corsair Dominator DDR4 3200mhz 64gb


I have attached a screenshot of what my screen looks like when it simply 'freezes' and goes no further:


My config.plist can be found here should anyone need to dig a little deeper.

Really appreciate the time it takes you guys to help others get their machines working. So many selfless people here.

A massive thank you in advance.

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