Opencore Mojave iGPU not working anymore after 18G6020 update

So, I'm still on Mojave; I had deferred the July 2020 update for quite a long time.

My system was working perfectly with OpenCore 0.5.9: I've got a discrete GPU (RX570) but the iGPU (UHD 630) was enabled for internal computation use (quick look, etc). The iGPU appeared correctly in system report, along the dGPU, using SMBIOS iMac 19,1

Now it's not working anymore. I realized quick look would get stuck, and preview doesn't render JPGs anymore (gets stuck). Also, the systems seems to stumble every now and then (freezes with a WindowServer spin, and sometimes Firefox tabs crash without an apparent reason). UHD 630 doesn't appear anymore in my system profile, either.

I have tried with various framebuffers (desktop, mobile, empty), and I tried upgrading to OpenCore 0.6.0, but I had no success.

My system:

Gigabyte H370M-DS3H

Intel Core i5 9500 (coffee lake refresh, UHD 630)


Asus Expedition RX570

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB

This is my working 0.5.9 config.plist for opencore

(NOTE: I know about USBInjectAll, and I was already working to remove it; it just wasn't my top priority, and now I'd like to solve the UHD 630 issue before everything else)

Any suggestion?

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