Downgraded Ryzentosh to Mojave from Catalina, and couldn't be happier.

System specs first:

Ryzen 3900x

AMD Radeon RX580

32GB G-Skillz 3600Mhz RAM

X570 Aorus Pro

I've been thinking about doing this for a few weeks now, as I use none of the features Catalina brings anyway (Sidecar is not great/not working on systems without iGPU, split itunes into 3 apps I don't use and bloat???), but there were some 32bit apps I missed.

I did not do it until today as I was afraid of all the setups I would have to redo, like app reinstall, settings configuration, etc... Today I finally got the courage to do. I created a Mojave USB, I copied my OpenCore folder to the USB, installed, and to my complete surprise, TIME MACHINE made the transition so smooth that besides it being Mojave and not Catalina, it feels like I only rebooted my system.

Everything is there, EVERYTHING. I was unaware of how good time machine is because I never used it, even though I own a macbook (seems impractical to connect a hard drive to my laptop everyday).

And even more surprised, When booting Mojave, I do not get the "GPU driver loading" Black screen after typing in my password. My guess is Mojave loads it before but no matter, this makes the experience so much smoother.


Don't be afraid to downgrade to Mojave, just make sure to use Time Machine.
Don't be afraid to hackintosh. It is extremely fun and thanks to OpenCore, easier every day (as long as you actually follow their guide

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