RFC: So I've started working on a tool for creating a chain-loaded OpenCore with rEFInd...

Hey everyone!

A few days ago I've bought a new SSD for my laptop and, with it, did a full multi-boot setup (which I will detail in a later post, been mostly busy ironing out the last issues).

I wanted to make something where OpenCore was isolated so in case it crashed, I could quickly fix it from the Linux install. There was also the thing that I didn't want OC messing with changing informations with either Linux or Windows.

After some search, I read about rEFInd and how it could work, and after some hours of messing around I got it working.

Now, this weekend I got some free time and decided to make something that could at least get the boring part of setting it all up done. My initial plan was that it did this directly on the target machine, but I didn't want to screw up any of my drives just yet.

So after all, what is this thing? Well, basically it's a Vagrant environment with everything ready for building a completely clean and vanilla rEFInd + OpenCore image that you can later burn using balenaEtcher (or if you feel really brave, dd it directly into your hard-drive), on whatever operating system you are.

The image contains two EFI System Partitions, one being for rEFInd itself (which is the main one) and one for OpenCore, so you can change your kexts at will later on. rEFInd will automatically detect all installed operating systems, so if you have a Windows or Linux install it should show up automatically, while OC has its own entry defined on rEFInd's partition.

Anyways, let me know what you people think about it!

The link is here: https://github.com/MatheusMK3/hackintosh-refind

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