Catalina Desktop | MSI Z270 Gaming Pro | i7-7700k | GTX1080ti


PROBLEM: Catalina doesn't boot after vanilla install, repeatedly fails Gfx load process.

AIM: ultimately I am trying to build a dual boot win/macos system that can boot into either OS without switching the HDMI cable from IGP to 1080ti port. Realise that this may not be possible, so otherwise a dual boot system where I need to switch the cable manually is also ok.


  • MSI z270 Gaming Pro, i7-7700k, GTX1080ti
  • 32gb RAM
  • 1*256gb M.2 (windows system disk)
  • 1*1tb M.2 (macOS system disk)
  • 1*1tb hard disk (shared data drive)


  • successfully installed vanilla Catalina using Clover installer and a clean Catalina install file from Apple. Monitor plugged into the motherboard and using IGP. Network & iCloud worked fine, audio did not work.
  • after completing the install and before copying the config.plist and kexts to the EFT folder, I tried to clean the config.plist according to the kaby lake instructions here.
  • After cleaning the config.plist the system doesn't boot, and in verbose mode shows an error at this point:

Begin Gfx firmware load process ForceWake Multithread = 0x30002 CONFIG0 (0xD00) = 0x80000000 GT_THREAD_STATUS = 0x400b0000 Doing retry #xx Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry 

This is repeated 50 times before the system reboots.

I've attached my config.plist file here and a screenshot of my kexts folder. Would be grateful for any help in fixing this!

Separately, what should I do to get audio to work (Realtex ALC1220 codec) and whether it's possible to get the system to boot from the 1080ti at all.


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