Accidentally deleted hackintosh drive

I feel so dumb and I'm still in shock.

Yesterday I booted into Windows and I wanted to delete a partition from a 500GB drive. Instead I've deleted my entire hackintosh partition (1TB) with most of my data in it.
Since then I haven't touched a thing because I was worried I could make things even worse.

This is how the drive looks now

The hackintosh was installed with Clover and formatted in APFS file system in a NVMe drive. Drive is now Unallocated.

Is there a way to recover any data at all or even better clone the entire drive and recover it completely?
I managed to get a 2TB drive just in case.

I do have a backup with SuperDuper but it's from 7 months ago and there's still a lot of data I would need to recover since then.

I have no idea where to start and I'm ready to pay for methods/app if there's need to.

I've read that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard could help but in fact I don't know if the Windows version would be able to recover files from an APFS file system.

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