Archer T2U Plus Experience (based Review)

Hello fellow redditers,

I couldn't find any in-depth review with this USB dongle before buying it, so I'm gonna fill that gap. I'm using it for around 1 week.

You can find technical specs on its website and I'm using kexts provided by chris1111. It uses RTL8811AU (not totally sure, don't quote me on this) chipset.

I'm using 100 mbps (megabits per second not megabytes per second) with fiber cable until my router. So %99 of the time I can get 100 mbps connection with LAN cable to my Workstation. My router placed on my office which is in upstairs and my bedroom is down stairs. My router is in middle of my office. My router is Huawei hg255s given free of charge by ISP. I'm using Mojave.

Before T2U+, I was using TL-WN725N. I was getting around 15 mbps in my bedroom when it functions correctly without dropping. But it disconnects from WIFI occasionally. So, I returned it immediately after 1 day of use although it worked fine in my office and in my office in university (router is just 3 meters away from my desk.) and bought this T2U+.

T2U+ Is not sleek by any means and looks awful on my XPS 15 BUT sleek dongles have really small antennas so you have to compromise oneway or another. So I have to unplug it when I need to pack my XPS. I'm using this XPS just for presentations, some light MS Office and some light 3D modeling when I'm giving lectures. Constantly unplugging and plugging in is pain in the back. But look doesn't bother me anyway because when I'm using my XPS I'm using it with USB Hub everywhere since I need more than 3 ports anyway.

It does not take more space than a regular usb width. So you can use adjacent ports without problem.

Range is absolutely amazing on this. I can use my own WIFI even from two flors under my router. Our floors made out of 20 cm reinforced concrete. I know this because I'm the architect of the building. Probably you are not gonna have any issues about range and that was the biggest selling point for me. I can connect to 5GHz from downstairs.

Speed is not on the brightest side since its tops at 150 mbps but I do not need any more than 100 mbps. These speeds are from down stairs. I don't need high speeds because neither my ISP nor university I work in supplies anything higher than 100 mbps anyway.

I didn't game on it but ping is on the low side on speedtest so I guess you are gonna be fine. (Don't quote me on this.)

It works flawless on my Hackintosh but sing-in pages are not showing up automatically in uni so I saved the sign-in URL's to .txt's from Windows. It might be from the drivers or Hackintosh or my uni. There are so much variables. So I don't want to comment on that. But if you know the solution(s) please comment below.



Works great on Hackintosh.

Speeds are decent.

Range is amazing.

Build quality is decent.

5GHz Connectivity

Half the price of its competitor Archer T4U on high-gain category.


Bulky and hard to carry. I always think that it'll get broken in my backpack.

Doesn't work out of the box in MacOS/Hackintosh (probably nothing works OOB in Hackintoshes)

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