Pink Screen Tint on Catalina - Vanilla Guide Doesn't Fix

On Catalina, my second monitor comes up with a pink tint. I've read that this is caused by the monitor connector being read as a DisplayPort; this seems to be the case, as my primary monitor on a DP works fine, but my secondary monitor on HDMI is pink.

Looking in IORegistryExplorer, I can confirm that both monitors have the DP value set for connector.

My Parts

  • i5-8600k
  • ROG STRIX Z370e Motherboard

What I've Tried

I have followed the guide for this problem listed here. The pre-made script does not fix the issue, even when I tried it with only the problem monitor connected. The properties it had me set in Clover Configurator do not work either. My main monitor was in IORegistryExplorer as


While my secondary was


Following the guide, I tried adding the below to Properties:

framebuffer-conX-enable = 01000000 framebuffer-conX-type = 00080000 

I replaced the X with 0, 1, and 2, however, all three resulted in the same error. I'm not sure what to do now; there's nothing I can do in Display settings to fix the second monitor, either.

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