Dell G5 5587 stuck on "Attempting system restart... MACH Reboot"

TL;DR: I'll gild whoever fixes my MACH Reboot issue on my Dell G5 5587. Clover files, setup and image + video of error linked
Hey everyone!

I've been trying to hackintosh a Dell G5 5587 with

CPU: i7-8650H

GFX: GTX1050TI (disabled)


HDD: 1TB (brand unknown)

M.2 SSD: SanDisk 128GB

Install: Vanilla 10.14 Mojave, Clover

but unfortunately, I've been getting stuck on Attempting System Restart... MACH Reboot which seems to be uncommon and I've seen a lot of things regarding this issue and I didn't get far with any of them. If you're able to fix this I'll gild you (if you want!)



Clover USB:

Thank you so much!

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