General Question Regarding 4K Displays in Notebooks

Hey r/hackintosh!

I will be attempting my first hackintosh this weekend! As an avid MacOS fan from previous years of use, I would really love to get back into using it again and not having to spend $1,000 on buying a new Mac. I typically don’t like buying used.. I’m weird like that.

Anyway, I’ve recently acquired a Dell Inspiron notebook with a 4K display, i7 6th Gen(I can add more specs this evening), 8GB DDR3(not sure the frequency), and I slapped an EVO 850 SSD in for the drive.

Now my main question is regarding the display. I looked through the forum(and google) and really couldn’t find an answer to my question on whether or not I’m going to have issues with the install due to the resolution of the display. Based on my experience, displays are a “plug and play” component of notebooks. Nothing too intensive there.. However, due to this having a digitizer attached I don’t know how MacOS will react to that.

Just looking for some feedback, if it’ll help I can give you the model when I get home from work this evening.

I would ask around at work, but working for an IT company I have literally no one who dabbles in MacOS and Hackintosh... Just Windows and a Linux/Unix mastermind who is just one person. I’m literally the only person who enjoys majority of Apple. I think that’s a pretty common theme unfortunately lol

This will be the pre trial to me doing my gaming rig which is an AMD setup. I want to learn more before I massacre that.

Thanks in advance!

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