First Hackintosh Success [Dell Inspiron 3567]

First Hackintosh Success [Dell Inspiron 3567]

Got my first Hackintosh working.

Laptop : Dell Inspiron 15 3567

CPU: i3-7100u @2.4Ghz (no turbo)

GPU: Intel 620RAM: 4GIGS @ 2133 (although bios states it as 2400)Storage: 240GIG Kingstone UV400 + 1TB Segate HDD (Using Harddrive caddy)

Installation was super simple (just like windows) since I used pre-made image.

Whats working?Idk im still figuring out. Its my first Mac OS device.I need time

Whats not working?WIFI, Ethernet, iMessage, Facetime, Location Services & Siri so far identified.

Also have a weird issue with my cpu frequency... Once it goes to a higher clock speed. it stays at that frequency and never goes down. Fan starts blowing at full speed and never stops. However when I sleep the laptop and turn it back on. frequency goes down until next time the same thing happens over again.

If anyone know how to fix any of those errors.Please do let me know.

And also If anyone know a mini usb wifi dongle that I could get to work with MacOS without much of a pain. please let me know the model number.(Im fine with cheap low range 2.4Ghz ones)

Thank you author of & @arsradu @OddAnkylosaurus @RamiTrainFan @Dreamwhite from reddit for helping me with my first hackintosh :)

EDIT: Added a SS

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