NEED HELP gtx 1060 High Sierra

i tried to install macOS High sierra on my pc after i read about someone with a similar pc did it. specs: i7 7700 msi h270 16 gb vengeance ddr4 1 tb WD gtx 1060 6gb

i followed a guide, and all the installation went so fine, when i first booted with the usb i also saw that all the pci card (ethernet for example) and usb were recognized, ram and processor were okay so i copied the EFI folder of the usb to the efi folder of macOS and rebooted. I installed the nvidia web drivers for High Sierra 10.13.0 A365 (my version) and when i rebooted it shows the prohibition sign that i hate so much... i don't know why and how i can solve this, i can't even boot anymore so i'm asking for espert help! the guide i followed was:

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