Anyone get i7-8700k fully working on 13.4 High Sierra? Z370 Gaming 7

So I made a second boot using a spare SSD I have with Vanilla High Sierra because I couldn’t get my 4K monitor to read as 4K on Mojave (I still have it on my Mojave Vanilla SSD though).

I used the same Vanilla install Method where it goes in depth step by step to release any issue. I’m guessing there’s just a few more steps that I need to do to get High Sierra running fully with my setup.

Issues so far, Audio (DP Audio not even recognized) iGPU not working, only shows 31MB. Flickering on the screen, using iMac 18,1 My 4K Monitor resolution is recognized automatically USB’s

My setup: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 CPU: Intel i7-8700k Monitor: LG 27UK650 Mac OS X: 13.4

Any one get their setup up and running? I know High Sierra is a mature build I’m staying at 13.4 since I heard 13.5+ does have a few issues (I may be wrong). I have latest whatevergreen and Lilu kext as well.

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