Selecting the right Coffee Lake/Z370 parts now in hopes that they will be compatible for a future hackintosh?

I'm looking at my options for building a mini-itx hackintosh right now. I'm trying to decide which route I should go on a motherboard/CPU combo (integrated graphics are sufficient for my use case). This would be my first pc build and hackintosh for reference if that matters. The way I see it these are my two options:

  1. Buy a Kaby Lake CPU and 200 series motherboard. (Lower performance than Coffee Lake but reliably hackable and has plenty of beginner resources available for guidance.)

  2. Buy a Coffee Lake CPU and Z370 motherboard. (Better performance but I don't know of any confirmed hackintosh compatible mini-itx boards yet) (I also don't know how long it will be before beginner friendly guides are available for this new platform either)

I'm wondering if I should just stick with Kaby Lake for a reliable hackintosh that I can use right away or go ahead and buy an 8th gen CPU and a gigabyte mini-itx board with the hope that it ends up being hackintosh compatible once all the experts have Z370 nailed down.

Any advice/suggestions?

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