Help with Install

Okay, so I'll start with my components. I have:

-i7 7700k

-EVGA GTX 1070 FTW (Attempted install both with and without connected)

-Asus z270-AR Mobo

-16 gbs crucial Memory at 2400 mhz (Not sure if it matters)

-TP-link pcie wifi card (Disconnected for install)

I'm trying to install, and I went through my Bios and disabled and enabled everything recommended, and this is where I had to skip a step or two. I couldn't find any specific option for 'IO SerialPort' setting or any way to disable USB 3.0, but I have a series 7 CPU so I dont know if that applies to me.

I'm able to get to the option in clover to Boot MacOS from USB(no option from hard drive) and I get to the Apple Logo. I've tried a few times and got the bar to get to 60-70% of the way through before it just stops.

I've gone so far as to disconnect every hard drive sans my boot drive and the one I'm going to install to.

Has anyone had similar issues with any remedies?

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