Clover_v2k_r2236.pkg #hackintosh


  • using UEFI BIOS or own CloverEFI

  • default boot after timeout into previous chosen OS

  • customizable GUI: themes support, own icons, fonts, background image, animated pictures, mouse pointers.

  • F1 - multilingual help, depending on language in config

  • saving preboot.log from GUI by typing F2 and system.log for debug

  • save original (OEM) ACPI tables by pressing F4

  • test DSDT patching with F5

  • save videoBIOS into EFI/misc by pressing F6

  • saving screenshots from GUI typing F10

  • CD/DVD eject by F12 and refresh menu after CD insertion

  • change GUI resolution by PgUp/PgDown

  • save BOOT0000 option to NVRAM (like bcfg in Shell)

  • call to Shell.efi

  • native screen resolution in GUI

  • scroll bar if screen resolution is too low for menu