iATKOS ML2 Mountain Lion 10.8.2 [TORRENT]


Instructions for the dmg image file:
DVD/Blu-Ray: Burn the dmg image to a blank Dual Layer DVD (±R, ±RW) or Blu-Ray Disk (BD-R, BD-RE) using Disk Utility on OS X and then you are ready to boot with the disk and install OS X to your computer. 
USB HDD/Stick: Restore the dmg image to a USB HDD/Stick using OS X Disk Utility and install the chameleon bootloader to the USB target using this pkg file. Then you can boot with the USB device and install OS X to your computer.
Windows: DVD/Blu-Ray: Windows users can burn iATKOS ML2 dmg image file to a Dual Layer DVD (±R, ±RW) or Blu-Ray Disk (BD-R, BD-RE) using Transmac.
- Linux users will sure find the way to burn it to dvd/blu-ray or restore it to USB media


  1. Do you mind if we host a copy of the file (if under 5mb) and link to you as a mirror?

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