Mac os Monterey cant connect to wifi in recovery mode

I was on a 2009 imac which was originally running snow leopard which i then updated to el captain. From there i downloaded open core and downloaded monterey.

Everything was smooth sailing until i got to setting up monterey. It would boot loop as soon as it prompted you to pick a drive to install monterey so my only option was to boot into recovery mode to see what the issue was. I ran diagnosis on all the drives and everything was fine so i went to check if the wifi was working and sure enough the wifi was constantly searching with no connections listed.

When i tried to manually connect the wifi it said the connection doesnt exist and I even tried to diagose the problem in terminal but all the commands i tried to run said that the command didnt exist. I reset the p ram but still no luck.

This is a mac with no files on it so im willing to wipe the drive and try again but its a tedious process and i dont wanna go through it again. Any tips thanks :)


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