Cannot boot into the installer with OpenLoader

Hi, first time Hackintosh user here. I am trying to create a bootable USB for my other PC and have followed all the steps in the OpenLoader website for my specific CPU.

Which was all here:

Here are my PC specs if it helps:

CPU: Intel i3-6100 skylake

Motherboard: Asus H110M-K


Storage: Samsung 870 SSD 256 GB

I also have Windows 11 installed on the PC but not sure if that has an effect on it since I would assume the installer would delete the previous OS from the drive.

Anyways, the problem that I am having is that when I put my USB in my PC and have it boot from it, the regular OpenLoader screen opens up asking if I want to boot from my external (usb) or Windows 11. Which then I select external. I am aware that typically when you hit enter, a bunch of text will start flowing on your screen. But all it does is freeze up and I'm not quite sure what to do since I couldn't find any solution to my problem.

I followed this video if anyone is wondering what I did:

I also included my config.plist here if anyone is wondering what I did:

Anything will help me since I am very new to this so thanks in advance!

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