Is it possible to passthrough and use a GPU for a headless VM?


I have a Sonoma and a Ventura VM going but no display will be connected. I have a dummy plug I use to get up to 4K on other VMs and passing through a GPU works great with that plugged in. I've been reading the nick sherlock guide which seems to be where most information is derived from, and everything seems to point to plugging a monitor directly into the GPU that's passed through to the VM. I'm not even sure to access the VM without specifying a display, nomachine says "no available desktops on this server".

I found a GPU Buyers Guide and realized the GPU I was trying to get to work, RX 6400, wasn't even supported. I was going to pick up an RX 6900 XT which looks like the most powerful one that'll work but before I do I want to make sure I don't need a monitor plugged in. The buyers guide says "to get a display out" which leads me to believe it's again talking about being physically plugged into the GPU.


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