Resolving Bluetooth and WiFi Issues in macOS Sonoma Hackintosh


Implementing BlueToolFixup.kext for Bluetooth Functionality on Hackintosh

Guide Step by Step:

  1. Prerequisites:

    • Ensure you have a functioning Hackintosh system running macOS Sonoma or the version you're working with.
    • Confirm your system has a compatible Intel WiFi and Bluetooth adapter that requires BlueToolFixup.kext for proper functionality.
  2. Gather Tools:

    • Download the latest version of BlueToolFixup.kext from the official repository (usually found on GitHub under Acidanthera's page or through the Hackintosh community forums).
    • Ensure you have a kext installation tool like KextBeast or a system configuration utility like ProperTree or Clover Configurator for editing your bootloader's configuration.
  3. Backup Your System:

    • Before making any changes, it's critical to back up your system. This ensures you can revert to a working state in case of any issues.
  4. Install BlueToolFixup.kext:

    • Place BlueToolFixup.kext in your EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other folder (for Clover) or EFI/OC/Kexts (for OpenCore), depending on your bootloader.
    • For OpenCore users, remember to add the kext to your config.plist under the Kernel -> Add section. Use ProperTree or a similar tool to edit your config.plist easily.
  5. Configure Your Bootloader:

    • OpenCore users: After adding BlueToolFixup.kext to your config.plist, ensure your config is correctly set up for injecting kexts. Verify the kext's entry, ensuring that Enabled is set to true.
    • Clover users: Ensure Clover Configurator has the kexts injection enabled. No manual addition to a config file is necessary as Clover dynamically loads all kexts from the specified folder.
  6. Rebuild System Caches:

    • Open Terminal and enter the following commands to rebuild the system caches, ensuring macOS recognizes the newly added kext:
      sudo kextcache -i /
    • Reboot your system to apply the changes.
  7. Verify Bluetooth Functionality:

    • Once your system restarts, check the Bluetooth functionality by navigating to System Preferences -> Bluetooth. Try connecting a Bluetooth device to test if the issue has been resolved.
  8. Troubleshooting:

    • If Bluetooth is not working as expected, revisit your bootloader's config file to confirm the kext is correctly listed and enabled. Double-check the kext's location and ensure no conflicts with other kexts.
    • Consult Hackintosh forums for specific advice related to your hardware configuration and macOS version.

Note: This guide is a general process for implementing BlueToolFixup.kext on a Hackintosh system. Specific steps might vary slightly based on your bootloader (Clover vs. OpenCore), macOS version, and hardware specifics. Always consult the latest Hackintosh community resources and documentation for updates and detailed instructions tailored to your setup.


For your Hackintosh setup on macOS Sonoma with an Intel WiFi and Bluetooth adapter, it appears the Bluetooth functionality is not working correctly, preventing the operating system from starting properly. Addressing Bluetooth and WiFi issues in a Hackintosh setup, especially with Intel adapters, can be complex due to the specific compatibility requirements of macOS. The documents you've provided didn't directly address Bluetooth issues with Sonoma or specific steps for fixing Intel WiFi and Bluetooth adapters in a Hackintosh configuration. However, based on common practices within the Hackintosh community, here's a guide that might help:

Title: Resolving Bluetooth and WiFi Issues in macOS Sonoma Hackintosh

Guide Step by Step:

  1. Verify Hardware Compatibility:

    • Ensure that your Intel WiFi and Bluetooth adapter is known to be compatible with macOS. Many Intel WiFi chips are not supported natively by macOS.
  2. Check for Community Solutions:

    • Search Hackintosh forums and websites for any custom kexts or patches developed for your specific Intel adapter model. Communities like InsanelyMac or tonymacx86 are valuable resources.
  3. Bluetooth Fixes:

    • If the Bluetooth functionality is causing the system not to start, consider temporarily disabling Bluetooth from the BIOS (if possible) to see if macOS boots without it.
    • Explore the use of a compatible USB Bluetooth dongle as an alternative if the onboard Bluetooth remains non-functional. macOS supports a range of USB Bluetooth adapters without much hassle.
  4. WiFi Solutions:

    • For WiFi, look for alternative kexts like itlwm or AirportItlwm (for Intel WiFi chips), which are available on GitHub. These require manual installation but can enable WiFi on unsupported Intel adapters.
    • Another option is to replace the internal WiFi card with a macOS-compatible model. Cards based on Broadcom chips tend to have the best support in Hackintosh setups.
  5. Post-Installation Tools:

    • Use tools like Hackintool or Clover Configurator to tweak your system's configuration after installation. These can help with enabling or disabling specific hardware features that may cause issues.
  6. Community and Support:

    • Engage with the Hackintosh community for support and advice. Sharing your hardware model and issues you're encountering can lead to specific advice and solutions from individuals who have faced similar challenges.
  7. Consider Hardware Replacement:

    • As a last resort, if specific components like WiFi and Bluetooth are critical for your setup and remain unsupported, consider replacing them with macOS-compatible hardware. This can simplify your setup and improve system stability.

Note: The steps provided are general guidelines due to the variable nature of Hackintosh setups. Specific solutions can vary based on the exact model of your Intel adapter and the version of macOS you're installing. Always back up important data before making significant changes to your system configuration.

For tackling the issue with your Intel adapter directly, engaging with specific Hackintosh communities with details about your adapter model might yield more tailored advice and potential fixes​​.


Hello, i have Sonoma installed but bluetooth kext dont work, i have an Intel wifi and bluetooth adapter

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