Resolving CPU Throttling at 70°C on Thinkpad T480 with i7-8650U in Hackintosh Ventura

Hackintosh Solution Guide:

Introduction: CPU throttling issues on a Hackintosh can often be attributed to improper power management configuration or cooling policies being incorrectly applied. In the case of the Thinkpad T480 with an i7-8650U CPU, addressing throttling that starts at 70°C involves fine-tuning power management settings and potentially adjusting cooling profiles.

Guide Steps:

Step 1: Reset NVRAM

  • Start by resetting the NVRAM. This can clear out any bad settings that might be causing the CPU to throttle prematurely.

Step 2: Check BIOS Settings

  • Ensure that your BIOS is configured correctly. Look for any settings related to thermal management or CPU power limits and adjust them accordingly.

Step 3: Reinstall VoltageShift

  • Since you've been experimenting with undervolting, reinstall VoltageShift to ensure it's configured correctly. Misconfigured undervolting can lead to the issues you're experiencing.

Step 4: Find Stable Undervolt Settings

  • Carefully test various undervolting settings to find a stable configuration. Monitor temperatures and performance to ensure the CPU is not throttling unnecessarily.

Step 5: Remove CPUFriend

  • Remove CPUFriend if it's not configured correctly for your CPU. Incorrect CPUFriend settings can cause power management issues.

Step 6: Update Kexts

  • Update all your Hackintosh kexts, especially those related to CPU power management like VirtualSMC.

Step 7: Verify Power Management

  • Use tools like Intel Power Gadget to verify the CPU's power management profile. Ensure that the CPU can ramp up in power when needed and isn't hitting an artificial cap.

Step 8: Monitor Thermal Policies

  • Check any thermal policies that may be applied by the system. Sometimes, the system might enforce a conservative thermal threshold that leads to early throttling.

Step 9: Check for Hardware Issues

  • Investigate if there's an underlying hardware issue with the cooling system of your T480, such as a failing fan or poor thermal paste application.

Step 10: Consult the Community

  • If the issue persists, reach out to Hackintosh communities with your problem, hardware details, and what you've tried so far.

Conclusion: By following these steps, you should be able to diagnose and potentially resolve the premature CPU throttling on your Thinkpad T480 running Hackintosh Ventura. Remember, fine-tuning a Hackintosh can be a complex process that requires patience and sometimes a bit of trial and error. If you're uncomfortable making these adjustments yourself, consider seeking help from someone with more experience.

Thinkpad T480 CPU throttling at 70C - i7 8650u, Ventura 14.3.1
Thinkpad T480 CPU throttling at 70C - i7 8650u, Ventura 14.3.1

As per title says, I've been experimenting with undervolting my T480 with VoltageShift. Before the system crashed after trying out some different undervolt settings, I had been able to boost up until about 97 degrees, where the CPU starts throttling. After the crash, tried with and without VoltageShift, tried with and without CPUFriend (currently without), the CPU starts throttling when it reaches 70C and doesn't exceed about 15W. Sometimes when opening apps I can see the CPU going up to 25W so it's not a power limit issue, more like a temp limit that appeared out of nowhere.

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