Updating Hackintosh to macOS Sonoma on Unsupported Dell XPS 9560

The documents provided do not contain any information specifically about updating a Hackintosh to macOS Sonoma or installing macOS on unsupported hardware similar to OCLP (OpenCore Legacy Patcher). However, based on general knowledge, here is a guide and title for educational purposes on how you might proceed:

Hackintosh Solution Guide:

Step 1: Compatibility Check

  • Ensure that macOS Sonoma supports your hardware. While the CPU and SSD should work, the NVIDIA GPU will not have support in macOS.

Step 2: Create a Backup

  • Back up your current working macOS Ventura installation. This is crucial as the update could potentially make your system unbootable.

Step 3: Update OpenCore and Kexts

  • Update your OpenCore bootloader to the latest version that supports macOS Sonoma.
  • Update all your kexts to the latest versions, as this may include important fixes for new OS versions.

Step 4: Modify Config.plist

  • Adjust your config.plist for any new changes required by macOS Sonoma. You can use the OpenCore Configurator tool to assist with this.

Step 5: Prepare for the Update

  • Download the macOS Sonoma installer from the App Store or obtain the installation files from a trusted source.
  • Prepare a USB drive with the updated OpenCore and macOS Sonoma installer, in case you need to perform a clean installation.

Step 6: Run the Installer

  • Run the macOS Sonoma installer like a regular update. Keep an eye on the verbose output (boot with -v flag) to catch any errors.

Step 7: Post-Installation

  • After the installation, boot from the USB if the system is not booting properly.
  • Copy the EFI folder from the USB to the system's EFI partition.
  • Rebuild kext cache using Terminal commands if necessary.

Step 8: Troubleshoot

  • If you encounter a black screen or other boot issues, review the OpenCore troubleshooting guide.
  • You may need to make additional tweaks to your config.plist or adjust BIOS settings.

Step 9: Graphics and Wi-Fi

  • Since NVIDIA graphics won't work, ensure that your integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 is set up correctly in your config.plist.
  • For Wi-Fi, as you're using a TP-Link dongle, check for compatible drivers or consider replacing the internal Wi-Fi card with a macOS-compatible one.

Step 10: Monitor Mode Support

  • If you need monitor mode for wireless analysis, ensure that your Wi-Fi dongle supports this on macOS, which might require third-party drivers or tools.

Step 11: Ask for Help

  • If you run into issues you can't resolve, seek help on forums like tonymacx86.com, Reddit's r/hackintosh, or InsanelyMac.

Conclusion: Updating a Hackintosh to a newer version of macOS can be complex and is not guaranteed to work with all hardware. Always proceed with caution and be prepared for extensive troubleshooting.

How to install latest MacOS on unsupported PC?

finally made a functional EFI for my Dell XPS 9560 and running MacOS Ventura. What does not work is NVidia Graphics, Finger (my laptop doesn't have one0, and WiFi (I am using TPLink wifi dongle).

I am thinking if I can update it to Sonoma? like how OCLP works on unsupported macs.

I've been searching all day and I can not find a instructions or tutorial how to do it, or maybe I am searching wrong sentences about it, that's why I finally decided to ask here.

My laptop specs is:

Dell XPS 15 9560

i7 7700HQ

HD Graphics 630



4K/Touch Display

helpful responses are very much appreciated.

thank you!

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