Hackintosh as video editing server - SAS Controller

Hey y'all,

we are a small video editing team -4 to 6 editors- all using macs. We want a file server. We tryed to go the QNAP way but things are't working as expected (we think the problem is the ARM CPU on it). After a lot of testing the solution we've got for now is working on a mac pro 7.1 with a sonnet 4x nvme card (on raid0) with no problems at all and using the QNAP just for backing up. But we want to build a hackintosh for this job (mostly for the hdd expansion capabilities). We tried the truenas route but it wasn't working for us and the things we try to do. So the real question is if a SAS controller would be installed correctly. We curently looking for a card with "LSI SAS2x36 chipset and SAS2008 expander. PCIe 2.0 x8"on amazon. Has anyone had any experience or knowledge that can help? Thanks in advance

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