Possible Reasons for Ethernet Inactivity on Hackintosh

Let's analyze why your ethernet works under Windows but remains stubbornly inactive in your Hackintosh setup. Here's a breakdown of potential causes and what to investigate next:

Possible Reasons for Ethernet Inactivity on Hackintosh:

  1. Incorrect Kext for Your Hardware:
    • Even if you've tried common Realtek and Intel kexts, your motherboard might have a less common or more specific Ethernet controller requiring a different driver.
  2. Configuration Conflict:
    • A setting within your config.plist could be overriding the ethernet kext or creating unexpected conflicts. Even minor deviations from the Dortania guide can matter.
  3. ACPI Conflicts:
    • Some motherboards require specific ACPI patches in the config.plist for certain devices to function properly. Ethernet might be affected by incorrect or missing patches.
  4. BIOS Settings:
    • Your motherboard's BIOS/UEFI might have settings pertaining to the onboard LAN controller. Ensure that anything related to enabling the controller, power management, or compatibility modes aligns with the Dortania guide's recommendations.

What to Do Next:

  1. Identify Your Ethernet Controller:

    • **Windows: **
      • Open Device Manager
      • Expand "Network Adapters"
      • Locate your Ethernet device and right-click
      • Go to "Properties" -> "Details" tab.
      • Under Property, select "Hardware Ids"
      • Note the VEN (Vendor) and DEV (Device) IDs.
    • Hackintosh Attempt (If temporarily possible):
      • Try booting into macOS with one of the Realtek kexts
      • If you get some partial functionality, access System Information
      • Under the "Network" tab, you might see your Ethernet model even if it's not fully working.
  2. Seek the Correct Kext:

  • Once you know your Ethernet controller's make and model, search Hackintosh forums and resources specifically for that device. It might have a lesser-known kext.
  1. Scour Forums for your Motherboard:

    • Look for Hackintosh builds with your exact motherboard model on forums like https://www.tonymacx86.com/. Check their config.plist files and discussions for clues about ACPI patches or specific Ethernet settings.
  2. Share Your EFI Folder:

    • Providing your EFI folder would allow others in the community to scrutinize your config.plist and potentially spot any misconfigurations. Important: Redact any sensitive information like your serial number before sharing.

Don't lose hope! Let's get to the bottom of this.

Can't get the ethernet to work with my hackintosh

I've successfully installed hackintosh for the second time. In the first time, the ethernet worked well and I also used a non-Dortania guide for it.

This time, I decided to use Dortania guide and I followed every bit of the process from usb mapping to the config file and kexts, but the ethernet won't work at all.

It does work in Windows 11 when I switch (I have dual boot on the same drive).*

I have tried every possible ethernet kext such as IntelMausi, IntelMausiEthernet, Realtek 8111, Realtek 8100, etc to no avail.

I'm also 100% checked the config.plist with sanity checker and everything is compatible with my hardware (RX 5600XT, i5-9600kf, B360m-h motherboard) but here's the EFI anyway: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/uq0qp02szsf0g/EFI

USB Teethering via phone worked as that is how I installed the recovery image.

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