Ultimate Guide to Installing macOS on HP Pavilion DV8: Hackintosh Tutorial

Introduction: Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to install macOS on your HP Pavilion DV8 laptop, also known as creating a "Hackintosh." This guide will walk you through the steps involved in setting up macOS on non-Apple hardware, specifically tailored for your HP Pavilion DV8.


  • HP Pavilion DV8 laptop
  • macOS installation image (e.g., downloaded from the App Store)
  • USB flash drive (16GB or larger)
  • Unibeast or GibMacOS tool for creating bootable USB drive
  • Basic understanding of BIOS settings and computer hardware

Step 1: Check Compatibility Before proceeding, ensure that your HP Pavilion DV8's hardware components are compatible with macOS. Check compatibility for the CPU, GPU, audio, network adapters, and other essential components.

Step 2: Prepare Installation Media Download the macOS installation image from the App Store or other sources. Use Unibeast or GibMacOS tool to create a bootable USB drive with the macOS installation image.

Step 3: Configure BIOS Settings Access your laptop's BIOS settings by restarting the computer and pressing the designated key (e.g., F12 or ESC) to enter BIOS setup. Configure BIOS settings such as SATA mode, virtualization, and secure boot to prepare for macOS installation.

Step 4: Boot from USB Insert the bootable USB drive into your HP Pavilion DV8 and boot from it. Access the boot menu by pressing the designated key during startup and select the USB drive as the boot device.

Step 5: Install macOS Follow the on-screen instructions to install macOS on your HP Pavilion DV8. Format the SSD or HDD to APFS or another macOS-compatible format during the installation process.

Step 6: Post-Installation Setup After macOS is installed, install additional drivers, kexts, or patches to ensure proper functionality of hardware components such as audio, graphics, and network. Refer to online resources or forums for compatible drivers and patches.

Step 7: Optimize Performance Configure macOS settings and perform optimizations to improve performance on your HP Pavilion DV8. Disable unnecessary services, manage startup items, and adjust power settings for optimal performance.

Step 8: Test and Troubleshoot Test various features and functionalities of macOS on your HP Pavilion DV8 to ensure everything is working as expected. Troubleshoot any issues by referring to online resources, forums, or communities for solutions.

Step 9: Regular Maintenance Keep your Hackintosh system up to date with macOS updates, driver updates, and regular maintenance tasks to ensure stability and security. Backup your important data regularly to prevent data loss.

Conclusion: Congratulations! You have successfully installed macOS on your HP Pavilion DV8 laptop, turning it into a fully functional Hackintosh. Enjoy exploring macOS and its features on your non-Apple hardware. Remember to proceed with caution and backup your data before making any significant changes to your system.

Can i install Macintosh on my Hp Pavilion DV8 ?

Hello, please tell me if I can install a Mac on my old HP Pavilion DV 8 laptop.

Intel Core i7 720QM / 1.6 GHz.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M.

6GB Ram

120 SSD, 750 HDD.

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