Fixing VRAM Issue (7MB) for UHD 620 on Sonoma Hackintosh Laptop


If you're facing a VRAM issue where the UHD 620 iGPU is stuck at 7MB on your Sonoma Hackintosh laptop, follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1. Update Lilu and WhateverGreen Kexts:

  • Ensure that you have the latest versions of Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext installed in your EFI partition. These kexts are essential for graphics acceleration and compatibility with Intel iGPUs.

2. Configure Device Properties:

  • Open your config.plist file using a plist editor (e.g., ProperTree, Xcode) and navigate to the DeviceProperties section.
  • Add the following properties under the PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) device path:
    framebuffer-con1-enable | Data | 01000000 framebuffer-con2-enable | Data | 01000000 framebuffer-patch-enable | Data | 01000000 framebuffer-con1-busid | Data | 02000000 framebuffer-con1-flags | Data | 00000000 framebuffer-con2-busid | Data | 04000000 framebuffer-con2-flags | Data | 00000000
  • Save the changes to your config.plist file and reboot your laptop.

3. Verify BIOS/UEFI Settings:

  • Access your laptop's BIOS/UEFI settings and ensure that any options related to DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) are configured appropriately.
  • Look for settings related to "DVMT Pre-Allocated" or "DVMT Total Gfx Mem" and set them to a value that allocates sufficient memory for the iGPU.

4. Check for ACPI Patches:

  • Ensure that you have any necessary ACPI patches applied to your DSDT/SSDTs to enable graphics acceleration and fix related issues.
  • ACPI patches can be added using tools like SSDTTime or MaciASL. Refer to Hackintosh forums and resources for recommended patches for your specific laptop model.

5. Test Different Device Paths:

  • Experiment with different device paths in your config.plist file, such as PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0) or other variations, to see if it resolves the VRAM issue.
  • Sometimes, different device paths may provide better compatibility or functionality for the iGPU.

By following these steps and configuring the device properties correctly in your config.plist file, you should be able to resolve the VRAM issue and achieve proper graphics acceleration for the UHD 620 iGPU on your Sonoma Hackintosh laptop.

VRAM 7MB - UHD 620 - Laptop on Sonoma

VRAM 7MB - UHD 620 - Laptop on Sonoma

I'm facing an installation issue on my laptop. I have a TOSHIBA Portégé X50-G-11R. I've already replaced the SSD with a Western Digital one because the original was a Samsung PM981a, and it wasn't working...

Here's my configuration:

  • TOSHIBA Portégé X50-G-11R
  • Intel® Core™ i7-10510U
  • UHD 620

I to get Sonoma installed, it boots correctly, and the components are working fine. I followed the Dortania guide.

However, I'm having an issue with my iGPU. It's stuck at 7MB, and I can't seem to resolve it.

I have WhateverGreen and Lilu loaded properly.

I noticed that in my config.plist file, if I have:

  • PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0): it doesn't boot, black screen.
  • PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0): it boots correctly but at 7MB, so it's unusable.

I can't figure out why.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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