OpenCore Picker (default/builtin) doesn't display at all when booting - Acer Extensa 2540

So I've been trying to reinstall MacOs Big Sur into an Acer Extensa 2540 and when getting to the picker, it does not display anything at all. The inputs seem to be working but the display is completely dark. I've tried to unplug and replug the hdmi, and turning the display on and off, but the screen just stays black

The system specs are:

Intel i3-6006U @ 2.00GHz

12 GBs of SODIMM Ram

I don't know the motherboard model due to it being a laptop, unfortunately.

And in any case, it worked before a few OpenCore versions ago, around 0.7.8 if I recall correctly but currently doesn't work at all.

And important note: I am not using the integrated display. I removed it long ago so I use an external HDMI display instead.

The log file is here in case it's needed (latest boot)

here's the plist as well

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