How to fix OpenCore Bootloader with Windows 11

Hi there I managed to install macOS on an HP laptop using the OpenCore method (Someone checked the EFI files and it said orliana or smthin but BIOS says OpenCore so idk anymore) and macOS works fine. But I decided to install another drive into the laptop since it supports 1 M.2 and 1 SATA. The M.2 had macOS and the SATA had Windows 11 Installed. When I boot Windows 11 from the BIOS picker it has no problems, but if I load Windows 11 from OpenCore bootloader it Blue Screens and Says ACPI BIOS ERROR. After Windows Blue screens the laptop just refuses to boot until I reseat the memory. Tried getting help from the hackintosh discord server but no use as they only want me to use OpenCore which is what the BIOS claims. Any help pls Picking the OS from the BIOS is annoying when I could use the bootloder.

The Specs of the Laptop HP Elitebook 840 G3 240gb M.2 (macOS) 240GB SATA (Windows) Intel Core i5 16GB Ram

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