Best Free Partition Editor to edit EFI partition?

Which one is the best free partition editor for resizing EFI partition?

(It is one of preparations before you install macOS to your windows

PC, in order to make it dual boot of macOS and windows.)

Background of this question:

  1. miniTool is very good to resize and move NTFS partition,

but it does not allow to manipulate EFI partition unless you buy a license.

  1. gparted is bad to resize EFI partition somehow.

my experience says it is unstalbe in terms of touching EFI partiion.

eg. it often finishes in the middle of resizing with errors.

(It is really scary that you have an error when you touch a disk

partition, you know.)

It finishes without errors several times; BUT!

gparted refresh indicates the size was changed successfully.

when it moves to disk utility (of macOS installer), the size of EFI partition has not been changed.

Conclusion: DON'T USE gparted for this purpose.

  1. So I am currently using gdisk method several times without problems.

This method is bascially a re-creation method;

a. make a copy of the content of the partition

b. erase the EFI parttion.

c. recreate it again with your intended size.

d. move back the contents of the partition to the newly created partition.

I thought it was great even though this method somehow erase "Windows

Boot Manager" entry from Bios. You can still make a dual boot by OC

picker. That was my first thought. BUT!

Now I found a problem; namely OC patches ACPI before you choose a

boot OS with OC Picker, which means OC may effect your windows boot.

Ideally OC things should be enclosed in OC only and then it does

not effect outside of OC.

Thank you very much!

Have a nice weekend :)


I am wondering why and how this "Windows Boot Manager" entry disappered from

BIOS menu...? I would like to get it back...

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