Enabling Secure Boot in BIOS removes macOS drive from OpenCore

Hi, I recently followed this guide to allow for OpenCore to work while Secure Boot is enabled in my BIOS, this worked fine however after re-enabling Secure Boot my macOS drive disappeared from OpenCore. Windows 11 still shows up and is bootable but I'd like macOS to be bootable as well with Secure Boot on as going into the BIOS each time I swap OS's is a bit of a pain.

I know that enabling Secure Boot is what's causing the issue as disabling Secure Boot makes the macOS drive show up again, which then allows it to be booted from perfectly which leads me to believe that the issue doesn't lie within my config.plist, might be wrong on that though.

I am running OpenCore 0.8.4 on my AMD 3600 CPU in an ASUS PRIME X570-P motherboard.

Any ideas on why enabling Secure Boot removes the macOS drive from OpenCore? Any help is appreciated!

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