Blocking HPET in order to free up IRQs


I have a DELL Optiplex MFF 7060 (i7-8700T) and I have an issue with the sound card (ALC3234) not working. I followed the Dortania guide, but to no avail (all the rest is working).

I believe I got it down to the HDEF driver not loading because it cannot grab the IRQ 0x15, which seems to be used by HPET when I check with IOReg.

From what I could read here), it seems that HPET is not needed on MacOS Monterey (as I have an Intel Coffee Lake-8th generation).

So my idea was to make a SSDT to disable HPET to free up the 4 IRQs that it's using so that the sound card can grab them.

Is this a good idea or not (and how to do that)?

I am really confused by the different answers to getting the sound working on Dell computers. Some say we should patch the DSDT, others say to make custom SSDTs... What's best?

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