Slow boot and missing internal drives for Monterey "ALUC:clientDied" loop

I'm getting the ALUC:clientDied loop on a new Monterey install using OpenCore 0.8.1. In the bootup log, I see these lines repeated:



SetClientDomain entered

registerNotificationPort entered

Eventually, after about 15 loops though the above pattern, and about 5 minutes later, it does eventually boot up Monterey. None of my internal drives are visible though - not even in the Disk Utility - except for the Monterey host drive itself.

Searching around the forums, I found this post on tonymacx86, which suggested that it might be Trim issue relating to NVME devices. But the drive is a Western Digital WDS500G2B0A, which is not an NVME device and both the BIOS and Mac itself (once booted) show no NVME devices attached. None of the suggested fixes linked off that thread - e.g setting SetApfsTrimTimeout to zero - made any difference anyway.

Note: the exact same EFI partition boots up a Big Sur install just fine, with all my internal drives showing in Finder. Poring through the OC log for the the Big Sur boot, I can't find any entries for that problematic ALUC pattern there at all. It likes it completely skips out the check/step that is causing the issues in the Monterey boot.

Really scratching my head over this one. Any help gratefully received!

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