Keyboard and HDMI issues on ASUS laptop - Monterey 12.4

Hi everyone,

I successfully installed Monterey on my Asus FX553 laptop, almost everything works fine, I just gotta deal with a couple issues

The HDMI port on my laptop is not working. Built-in monitor works fine, but when i connect the second monitor to the HDMI nothing happens (it works fine on windows).

I already tried looking around on the guide and various threads online but nothing helped so far.

Then, I need help disabling the laptop's keyboard. It doesn't work because of an hardware issue and having it on only means risking accidental presses which would lead to random keys acting up and making the whole system go nuts till I reboot it.

On a Macbook, you'd normally use Karabiner Element for that, but the on board keyboard is technically recognized as an external device (ITE Device) as you can see in this screenshot so that didn't work.

Thanks in advance for any help!



Model: ASUS FX553vd

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ

GPU: Intel HD 630

OpenCore: 0.8.1

SMBIOS: MacBookPro14,3

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