When I'm downloading something, or listening to music via spotify, I'm unable to connect to websites?

I'm currently running my Optiplex 3020 as a Monterey hackintosh, smbios as a macmini7,1. My internet kext is - RealtekRTL8111. Using the built-in ethernet port. Everything seems to work fine, but I have this annoying issue.

Whenever I'm downloading something or listening to Spotify, or sometimes if I even have a YT video in the background, I'll constantly get the "site is unreachable please check your internet" error. I'm not 100% sure this is my Optiplex, or my router, but it doesn't happen on other devices. and I'm able to still connect to my router's admin panel while websites won't load. I also have Windows 10 on this machine and it doesn't seem to happen when using it. I had Big Sur on this machine before but I can't really remember if it had the same issue or not.

I'm using OC 0.8.0 if that matters.

Not sure what else to include, but does anyone have any experience with this? Is it possible to fix?

I also keep seeing "volume hash mismatch" once in awhile, telling me to reinstall macos. But I'm not sure what that error means because the system is stable, aside from my internet. I've heard this is a bug with the latest version of Monterey, but could this have something to do with it? I've never experienced any kernel panics, crashes, apps malfunctioning, etc.

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