Anyone tried this method to have the RX 6600 working on CATALINA? Details included

What I am posting below is some interesting info from a thread that is currently trying to get the AMD Vega 8 IGPU working on Mac OS. However a poster did share this info.

"So I made two discoveries recently with regards to hardware acceleration. Not sure if some of you know but what I found that's interesting is both AMD and Intel kexts in macOS /S/L/E I found share the same IOMatchCategory values under the kexts which is IOAcceleration. Unique to Intel is the IntelAccelerator IOClass which can be found in the AppleIntelSKLGraphics and AppleIntelICLGraphics kexts. I am quite sure with the info we've found so far it is possible to create a SSDT or even kext driver of sorts. We just need to figure out how to designate the AMD Vega properly as an internal IGPU.

Secondly (on a fairly related note of injecting AMD codes for acceleration), I managed to recently successfully boot up a RX6600 card in a Z590 system under Catalina. As we know the RX6600 isn't supported until Monterey, but I managed to fill in the required gaps in the Apple AMD kexts (AMDRadeonX6000Controller and AMDFramebuffer) by adding a Navi 23 class and the RX6600 device-id. I was totally amazed it booted up. This means it is totally possible to add the Vega 8 for acceleration.

Alright, that's good going - it might work for my Atari VCS. And thanks for the explanation about the IOAcceleration.

With regards to the RX6600 Catalina solution, well this is what I did:

-Made an external USB SSD install of Catalina. Disabled SIP from Recovery mode and Gatekeeper for both Monterey and Catalina (from separate installs).

Made a copy of the following Catalina kext files onto Catalina Desktop, plus from Monterey Beta in separate folder:




Reading the equivalent Monterey files, edited the Info.plist of Catalina kext files by transferring over missing sections of the AMD Info.plist (cutting and pasting) in the kexts, with particular regards to the Navi23 IOKitPersonality details and then added the FF731002 device-id to the end of it under IOPCIMatch. Saved the edited Info.plists.

Copied the files over into S/L/E, renabled Gatekeeper and SIP and then rebooted with RX6600.

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