Install macOS Monterey on PC

The current version of the Mac operating system is macOS 12 "Monterey". Guides to install this version of the macOS on PCs include:

Update Directly to macOS Monterey - A quick guide to update directly from macOS Big Sur to macOS Monterey using a "fully native method" and OpenCore or Clover from tonymacx86.

Install macOS Monterey on Supported PCs - A guide to preparing a USB installer for macOS Monterey using the OpenCore or Clover Bootloaders courtesy of tonymacx86.

Install macOS Monterey on PCs Guide - This quick tutorial from the long term Microsoft-focused site Redmond Pie covers how to install macOS Monterey on a PC using BalenaEtcher and other tools.

macOS Monterey Reader Reports - macOS Monterey installation experiences on a variety of Hackintosh systems from Reddit users.

Note that official hardware support for macOS Monterey (macOS 12) is more limited than its predecessor, macOS Big Sur (macOS 11) and many of the major features do not work on systems with Intel processors, but only on proper Macs with Apple Silicon processors. Be sure to confirm hardware compatibility before upgrading an older Hackintosh to this version of the macOS or buying hardware for a new one.

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