is it possible to install macos monterey on haswell laptop?

* Hardware: Laptop

* CPU : i7 4700MQ 2.4 , 3.4 Ghz

* GPU : Intel HD Graphics 4600

* RAM : 8 GB

* Motherboard/Laptop model : Lenovo G510

* Audio Codec : Conexant

* Ethernet Card : Atheroes

* Wifi/BT Card : Broadcom

i've followed opencore haswell laptop guide , i booted the usb and i had internet issues while mac was downloading , gave me download error and after that my usb never booted , once it gave me load image failed , i got it fixed then i got suck in the verbose with hid legacy shim 2 and then i got stuck in acpi error ae not found
btw i have securebootmodel on default and secureboot disabled in bios , i followed every aspect of guide and specifics for monterey mentioned and the downfall started after the download error

is haswell support dropped ? if it is , is there a way to kinda bypass it . also i feel confused using opencore guide as there is always difference between pictures and the comments under them (eventhough i relied completely on comments as they mentioned in the start of the guide) so i might need some help setting the efi , would be appreciated

***forgot to mention that i've formated usb and redone everything from scratch and still got same last acpi error ae not found

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