bcm94360ng Airdrop issues

bcm94360ng Airdrop issues

Hey guys,

My bluetooth struggle in Monterey continues. I replaced the M2 Intel WiFi / Bluetooth card in my Dell 3060 MFF with a bcm94360ng which should be natively supported. And I have the exact same behaviour as with the Intel card.

Wifi: works
Bluetooth: works (tested with Magic Mouse)
Airdrop: is activated but doesn’t work
Handoff: not working
Universal Clipboard: Not working
Sidecar: Not showing in settings

Airdrop shows and is seen by other devices but I can’t send anything. It says „waiting“ forever. Like they can’t establish a connection. Handoff sometimes shows Safari from iPhone but when I try to open the tab in Safari stays empty and can’t load the content. Not even the URL is received.

My System:
Intel i5 8500T
8 gb Ram (2600mhz)
Intel UHD 630
Monterey 12.0.1
SMBIos Mac mini 8,1 (2018)

What I did:
- removed all Intel WiFi / Bluetooth related texts
- updated config.plist
- logged out and back in from icloud
- nvram reset

In Hackintool I can see that bluetooth is loaded (but the firmware loaded checkbox is unchecked - is this normal?)
In Systemsettings I have entry for Bluetooth but no information like „Airdrop: supported“ etc...

Any ideas what could cause this?

Hackintool Peripherals

Bluetooth Info

Wifi Info

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