Intel HD4600 4k eDP laptop display?

Anyone got this to work?

The laptop is an ASUS N550JX, with an Intel Core i7-4720HQ with Intel HD Graphics 4600, attempting to run macOS 11.4.

I have basically every fix listed anywhere on the internet at this point, though most seem to be for people with external monitors or using desktops.

I can get the OS to boot, however the laptop display gets stuck displaying the first frame of the Apple logo from when the Intel graphics driver takes over from EFI GOP rendering. If I connect an external monitor I can see that display clearly is working and hardware acceleration is working. With no monitor it's stuck displaying the Apple logo forever while the OS runs but just can't be seen, if an external monitor is connected the laptop screen goes blank after the Intel GPU driver takes over.

If I check what resolutions it detects in system preferences, it detects 1920x1080 and 1280x720, but not 3840x2160 as it should, and choosing either of them still results in no display.

Also most places seem to mention the 4600 can't support 4k60, but on this laptop it clearly can for eDP when running Linux and Windows, so is it some weird SKU of it or are those people just wrong?

I'm completely at a loss here, anyone have any ideas for WhateverGreen options that are needed or is this just a case that's impossible to support?

Things I've tried:

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