Recover contents from USB with Apple encryption using Mavericks running in virtualbox 6.1

As stated in the title I have a 4GB USB stick with contents I would like to recover, I went through the ordeal of installing Niresh's Mavericks 10.9 in virtualbox 6.1 along with Virtualbox Extension Pack 6.1.18r142142.

After OSX installation the USB drive popped up in the Desktop and was able to type in the password and remove the encryption, then was able to view its contents, after that I ejected the drive because I thought I would now be able to access it through any other OS (Windows 10 or Linux), unfortunately when connecting to any of my other machines the drive is still not recognized by the its native file managers.

Not sure if I messed it up by removing the encryption, since now even though the stick is connected and recognized in the terminal I can't get it to pop up in the desktop once again, I can see the USB state is being displayed as Captured in virtualbox, not sure if it might be related, any help would be much appreciated.

My plan is just to backup my content and never use apple encryption again, I just need the content accessible one last time in Finder so I can drag out and into my gdrive perhaps, would this be possible? thanks.

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