OpenCore Restart, Sleep, Bluetooth and iMessage problems

CPU: i5 8400

B360M Gaming 3

16gb DDR4


I've been able to use the build for 1 day with 4 main issues:
1) Restart gets stuck at the boot menu. After I restart, I can see the boot menu, it flashes for a second and than it gets stuck. It works only 20% of the time..I have to force-restart my pc using the button and than it works. Shutdown works fine.

2) My bluetooth dongle keeps crashing. It works for 2-3 seconds and than it restarts and so on. I did port my USBs, I have the USB Power fix. Nothing works? It's a CSR8510 A10 - I guess I just have to buy a different one?

3) Sleep works only sometimes. Basically, if I put my pc to sleep, everything closes for around 15-20 seconds and than instantly powers everything (but the screen) on. Ive seen it sleep for more, but it's inconsistent. I already tried changing some things (as per the OpenCore troubleshoot tutorial).

4) iMessage does not work. Siri, everything else, works. But iMessage does not. I can login, even try to write a message, but after that it closes and asks me to log in again. I've tried again and again with different serial numbers and nothing works. I believe my NVRAM works, so that's not the issue

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