How to understand "Fixing Shutdown/Restart" doc?

Dear Sir/Madam,

My USB speaker keeps rebooting itself after MacOS shutdown properly. This is a different issue from this doc, but I would like to try that anyway.

But I am really confused how to follow that doc. After reading it:

It says I need to use "FixShutdown-USB-SSDT.dsl", "_PTS to ZPTS Patch", "USB Controller's ACPI Path", "" to generate ".aml" file.

I think I will need to put the reuslt ".aml" file to "EFI/OC/ACPI" in the end. Is this correct?

BUT how to use them to generate the .aml file? How to find "USB Controller's ACPI Path? How to use the app? What is the purpose of "FixShutdown-USB-SSDT.dsl", "_PTS to ZPTS Patch" files?

Any detail instructions available online?

Thank you very much.


I think I understand what "_PTS to ZPTS Patch" file used for. I think I need to open the file "FixShutdown-Patch.plist" with ProperTree app. And then copy and repace all the fields to my config.plist > ACPI > Patch > 0. But this file has nothing to do for generating .aml file.

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