Clover or OpenCore or both? Asus UX510UW

Hey fellow hackintoshers,

On my Asus ZenBook ux510uw (Intel i7-7500, HD620, 256gb ssd, 1tb ssd, 16gb ram) I am running macos Sierra since I‘ve installed it in 2017 when I got the laptop. Now I‘ve replaced the broken HDD with a new 1Tb SSD. Sierra is running on the 256gb SSD. Now I would like to install Mojave on the 1Tb SSD (I need my 32bit apps) while keeping the clover-based sierra built as an emergency backup.

Is it possible to have clover on the first one and opencore on the second ssd (different drives, not partitions) and boot into either via uefi bios bootloader after installation?

I feel like it would be much easier to use clover again, as I am more familiar with this method, but I guess OpenCore can be way better and more stable as it’s closer to the original setting? So much has change over the last couple of years. Where is rehabman? ;D

Also I would like to update my BIOS but I‘m afraid my DSDT or SSDT patches would stop working and would have to be replaced? I still remember how complicated this part was when I built the system 4 years ago...

Anyone got experience with the zenbook ux510uw or a similar laptop? I‘d appreciate any tips and tricks. Thanks guys

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