Boot options suddenly gone

Any help here would be appreciated. I've had continued issues with my hack (OC updated to 0.67, updated kexts, etc) due to my 5700xt. I can crash the computer reliably under certain conditions, but that's not the issue that worries me currently.

After a crash, upon rebooting all boot options were gone from the BIOS. Tried resetting the bios, clearing the CMOS, restoring bios settings, etc. but nothing got the boot options to reappear. Eventually found that if I changed certain things and switched pages in the bios, the boot override feature would be available and I could choose the NVMe drive to boot from. This got me back into macOS at least. But if I restart, the bios is back to having no boot options.

Any ideas what's goin on here? I guess my last ditch effort is refreshing the bios completely.

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